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Your Birth and the team supporting you

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The most important person in your birth is YOU. Having a team surround you is wonderful but if no one else was in the room with you, you are still going to give birth.

This is your journey. You are the one who is going to walk the path to motherhood. We can support you, encourage you, hold you and cheer you on but we can't take your journey for you. Birth is such a sacred path to walk, you will often start out strong, at times you will falter, thinking you can't go on and then you dig deep and continue on. You will find strength that you did not know you had, you will find courage to keep moving forward and you will open to birth another living soul. This is huge stuff and it is your journey.

Your Partner

You made a conscious decision to have a baby together and he/she is going to be your main pillar of strength and biggest support. They will be the ones whispering 'you've got this' when things are tough. It will be their eyes that you look into for strength and guidance. It will be their loving touch to soothe and stimulate that oxytocin flow. It always brings me so much joy to watch a couple connect, to witness those intimate moments, to watch the beautiful dance a couple creates to bring their baby earthside.


You may or may not have a doula present at your birth but for some women they absolutely love having that extra support. You will meet with her during your pregnancy to plan, educate and prepare for your birth journey. During labour she will provide you and your partner with the extra support you desire. She will support you physically and emotionally, ensuring you are nourished and well prepared for your journey ahead.

Primary Midwife

Your primary midwife is the midwife that you have chosen to work with during your pregnancy and birth. She/he is the one who has provided you with your antenatal care, ensuring that you are healthy, your baby has been growing well and that you are prepared for your upcoming birth.

During birth you will call your midwife when you feel the time is right, when you feel things are really starting to move along and that she should be there. You will have planned during your pregnancy when to call your midwife. Her arrival will be a minor disruption to the flow that you have but will quickly subside as you once again find your rhythm with the reassurance that your team is coming together. Her role is to provide support if needed, to monitor you and your baby with little interruption to your birthing journey. Your primary midwife is there for you.

Second Midwife

Your primary midwife will call in the second midwife once it is clear that your birth is drawing closer. She will quietly slip in and prepare the resuscitation equipment, ensuring everything is on hand if need be. She will support your primary midwife so she can be totally present for you. Her role is to support your baby if need be.

After your little one has arrived earthside you and your partner will be in a little bubble of love and awe. While you are soaking up all that delicious newborn gorgeousness your team will be cleaning up, preparing food and finalising documentation etc.

This is based on a home birth but could easily be adapted to a birth centre or MGP style program so that is why we haven't discussed the role of the obstetrician.

Deb x

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