Our Doula

Providing Extra Support

Sophie Wilde

Registered Doula, Mother, Friend, Nourisher

I have always felt my purpose in life is to support and
nourish people. When I became a mother I unearthed a passion
for supporting women as we navigate the motherhood journey

I have a deep sense of empathy and compassion that drives me
to support families with intuition, warmth and kindness.

To Doula, is to mother the mother.
“the wellbeing of mothers is the fabric from which the cloth
of the future of our society is made.” - Dr Oscar Serrallach

I will prepare you for birth, support you through labour and
nourish you well after the birth of your child. And I love to
feed you beautiful food!

It is my great hope that women feel supported – emotionally
and physically as they journey through motherhood.

Email: sophiegowty@gmail.com
Phone: 0479072399