Hospital Birth Support

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, powerful and transformative times in one's life.

Not all women want or can have a home birth so choosing to birth in the hospital with the support of a midwife or a doula is a great alternative.

The wonderful thing about having a midwife care for you during this time is that we can still provide all your antenatal and postnatal care with a Medicare rebate.  We can order scans and pathology.  We will work collaboratively with you booking hospital or obstetrician to ensure your birth is both safe and fulfilling.

In labour, if you want, we can support you at home for as long as you desire and once transferring to the hospital will stay with you to guide and support you towards a birth that is required.

If you are birthing in a hospital we, as midwives, unfortunately are unable to care for you as a 'midwife' but will support you in a doula role.