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Family Midwives

Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Journey

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With Woman

Women are the most amazing, powerful, intuitive, creative and courageous beings.  Not only can they conceive and grow another human being, they can birth them.

Midwife - means with woman

Continuity of Care with a known midwife has been shown to increase birth satisfaction and reduce interventions.  Midwives hold the key to creating positive birth experiences for women and their families through relevant and appropriate information, competent practice and belief in the woman and her partner

A positive birth experience, no matter the journey, has the power to change future generations

Through birth, not only is a baby born, so to is a family


We offer you the opportunity to birth at home.  We work closely with you throughout your pregnancy to develop a close relationship to plan and prepare for your desired home birth.

If home birth isn't for you we can also offer you birth support in the hospital of your choice.  In this role we can provide you with all your antenatal care, ordering of pathology and then postnatal care up to six weeks.  At this stage we can only provide birth support with your hospital care being provided by the doctors and midwives at the hospital.

Yonique Birth Education 

is a beautiful embodied method of birth education incorporating - art, meditation, dance, relaxation and physical techniques to prepare you for birth and beyond.

These sessions are via either skype/facebook or zoom or in person.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Many women have talked of the benefits of using placenta pills.  Such as - increased energy, less postnatal depression, etc.


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